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AXA Greenline 15 LED Front Light

Compared to its predecessor the battery life of the AXA Greenline 15 front light has been increased up to 6 hours, an increase of at least 50%. With a brightness of still 15 lux you’ve got a vision of up to 40 m and you can be seen in a distance of up to 2,000 m. The design of the Greenline 15 features a completely renewed look with a trendy mat exterior, a more compact size and a handy round on and off switch.

The AXA Greenline lights are sustainably chargeable via the supplied USB-cable. It is shock proofed and will fit on almost any handlebar. The function is guarantied at temperatures between -10° and +40°C. So rain and snow are no problem for this front light.

AXA Greenline 1 LED rear light

The LED of the AXA Greenline rear light helps you to be seen in a distance of up to 300 m, and this also from the side. The rear light is rechargeable with the supplied USB-cable and offers up to 4 hours of cycling pleasure.